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The Power of Appreciation

Have you ever noticed that sometimes right before you are about to step into your amazing ‘greatness’ that you are faced to examine something even bigger to allow for it to become a reality? When we start to uplevel what we are asking for to create more of what we...

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Speaking Your Truth, While Honoring Others

Is it possible to truly honor your own voice in each moment of life, while also honoring others? Navigating conflict, happens to be something I am good at. I was trained in conflict management and worked with teams often to find the common ground for them to be able...

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Expand Your Receiving Channels

This post was written in 2010 - And it felt important to re-share it with you today. I have come leap and bounds in my ability to ask for help and so much has shifted as I read this now. I hope it can make a difference for you too. My intent for this post is to share...

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