Have you ever noticed that sometimes right before you are about to step into your amazing ‘greatness’ that you are faced to examine something even bigger to allow for it to become a reality?

When we start to uplevel what we are asking for to create more of what we want, it often brings up anywhere in our life that is blocking this from happening. Think of it like a resonance test. You have been living one way for so long it has created a certain vibrational frequency of what you are use to allowing AND now you are trying to shift that to a different resonance. Some call it resistance to fall back into the same vibrational setpoint, but for new possibilities to emerge you have to ‘let’ go of some of the old habits keeping the prior frequency in place.  One way you can do this is to use the tool of ‘self-appreciation’. This is the practice of appreciating what is coming up in an authentic and powerful way. So for instance, you would say:

I appreciate I am now faced with this choice. I appreciate my courage to ask for more. I appreciate all that is coming up to be released, examined and looked at to make room for what I really want.”

This practice isn’t about ‘sugar’ coating as much as it is about getting really honest about what you can appreciate even if it is ‘hard’ to normally appreciate it. Now, it is your turn. What can you appreciate about what is coming up for you right now?  Remember, to create a different outcome it requires to us to let go of any place that isn’t allowing the ‘bigness’ of what our new choice requires from us. Reflect on this question, who are you needing to become to allow for what you have been asking to be possible?

With this new perspective, my intent is that we find ourselves in a place of self-empowerment and JOY to choose, rather than the opposing viewpoint of lack and not enough-ness. It is these very moments that will assist you in identifying what really matters to you and how you may cement your intent and step forward in a place of complete internal power with yourself and your life!!

May you be inspired to choose from the bigness of you and allow the practice of self-appreciation to be a tool to help re-calibrate yourself.

Choose Love ~ Choose Life ~ Choose YOU



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