This post was written in 2010 – And it felt important to re-share it with you today. I have come leap and bounds in my ability to ask for help and so much has shifted as I read this now. I hope it can make a difference for you too.

My intent for this post is to share with you one way to expand your level to RECEIVE the GIFTS in YOUR LIFE! Are you ready?

Recently, it has been brought to my attention how often I shy away from asking for ‘help,’ even from those I truly love!  So why might this be? The key to any inquiry into the ‘why’, is to be focused on getting at the root of the cause (in this case why I can’t ask for help) versus the perceived cause or belief (no one ever helps me).  It is important to notice when we are ‘struggling’ against something or being ‘resistant’ from even talking about a subject, that it’s usually that very subject we are avoiding that holds the KEY to that which we are looking for!

Imagine that.

When we think we are ‘protecting’ ourselves from harm by not doing something, it is this very act that is keeping us from RECEIVING the Wisdom that we need to heal, feel complete and move forward.

So I encourage you to take a moment and look at your life. Write down any areas, conversations, or people that you might be avoiding in your life. Then as your look at this list, go down and write the reason for why you have been avoiding addressing this particular item on your list. Now, notice and ask yourself,

“Is there a ‘theme’ that exists on this list?  Is there a belief, a pattern or a way of being that has become so ingrained in my life that it might actually be holding me back?!”

This is the type of process that I have found so fruitful in my own life. As a coach, I believe it is crucial to continue to embody that which I teach.  This list you just made is the ‘road map’ gaining access to more of what you want and finding the clarity needed to ask for it, align with it and receive it.

Coming back to the example I just provided above, I found that by asking for help I had coded this to mean I was weak, needy and not able to do it on my own.  Of course, this is completely not true, but by going through this process I was able to see how the encoding around ‘asking for help’ had to be updated in my software or code for living that supported me!  With this awareness, I was then able to engage in an energetic congruence process that actually helped me to hard wire the new version of receiving into my consciousness!! Cool, right?  Well, that is exactly why I love being a coach and a guide. As I gain clarity and healing in my own life, I am then willing and called to share it.

Wouldn’t you want to find an easy, effective and lasting approach to re-writing some of your software? Know I am here to help, schedule your Complimentary Session.

Now you might be asking what does this have to do with ‘receiving’? Well it has everything to do with it. Until you are able to truly ‘listen’ and RECEIVE the Wisdom Within, then there is no doubt that you are missing the messages continuing to flow to YOU! Believe me, when you are able to ‘learn’ how to receive your own internal mail rather than check someone else’s.. life begins to FLOW in the direction of your True Guidance.

Well, I encourage you to ‘RECEIVE’ and LISTEN to the messages of your resistance today. Please share with me what you find. The Wisdom is often universal and even more powerful when you share!!

Those that are looking to receive and yet are also called to ask for guidance, the ‘Special Offer’ is for YOU! For I TRUST that those that are READY will know immediately as they read this and will have the courage to take action today.

Sending Clarity, Courage and Love!


P.S. Looking forward to hearing how you this post helped you!! 😉 For this is what encourages me to do the work in the world.

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