Is it possible to truly honor your own voice in each moment of life, while also honoring others?

Navigating conflict, happens to be something I am good at. I was trained in conflict management and worked with teams often to find the common ground for them to be able to work together effectively. What I have discovered is that you don’t have to like someone to get along with them and when you learn to hold space for others in the moments of creative conflict you appreciate the ‘ease’ of the moments when you don’t have angst. The first step is being able to get clear on what is it you really want AND then listen from a place of truly wanting to hear the other. Have YOU had an experience that created an opportunity for you to truly stop and reflect to honor someone else’s perspective? If so, please share below and allow us to learn from your perspective.

What an incredible gift many people continue to teach me simply by being able to openly express their own thoughts, feelings and insights in a safe space. For as we each evolve we continue to attract even more of that in which we are. So for all those that continue to touch my life through the medium of language in any form, I am giving great thanks to each and everyone of you. Even the written word that allows me to share this now helps to broaden love in my life and as well as expand my ability to hone and share gifts of transformation throughout the globe. So know I completely appreciate YOU.

The ability to truly love and appreciate all of myself (the shadow as well as the light) is the KEY to being able to hold space in honoring others. This came from a drive to know and experience life from their lens and not my own. Even though holding this lens I found it helpful to always keeping in perspective where we might find synergy between our world views, knowing this is where the LOVE is shared.

Learning to appreciate and honor ‘Self’ comes from first coming from a deep down belief and knowningness that EACH of us matter. That we all have a purpose to teach, to share, to grow and learn. I also believe that ultimately we all just want to be heard, loved and honored. When we can learn to give that to ourselves, we open up the capacity to extend it to others.

By taking a moment to view the world through this lens, it definitely leads us down a path of uniquely caring for others’ way of living and assists all of us in creating a world where we can honor differences from a place of unconditional love.

This means eventually releasing all judgement and simply seeing the beautiful connectedness of All There Is. For everything is simply a reflection of the Whole. So as I treat others this way I AM simply giving unto myself. What a concept to completely live by, right? To know that by energetically treating others well, I AM honoring all of life and the Source it stems from.

If YOU feel inspired to share, what are some ways that you have found that assist YOU in being a beacon of LOVE in your life, especially in times of creative conflict?

May you continue to speak your truth from a place of depth and honor, while also leaving room for unseen ways for your viewpoints to expand and blossom into even greater meaning throughout the movement of life.

Be ~ Love ~ Listen


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